Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Everything Starts with a little Motivation

So it's a New Year and of course we all have our resolutions we try hard to keep, but for some reason many of us fail. My resolution as with most peoples is to lose a few pounds. After having a baby 15 months ago there are no more excuses I just plain need to do it. So what a concept to get motivated ... walk everyday (that I can) up town on my lunch break and do a little shopping. Plus if I have to blog about it than I must do it. I'm lucky (or sometimes it feels unlucky) to work in Boston and the downtown shops are about a half a mile away from where I work. Obviously I will have to do a little more exercising than this, but that is what I bought the Wii for and I can always go a little further than downtown. When you work full time and have a baby who has time to go to the gym. (OK, if you do then that's great, but I don't!) I'm a bargain hunter so shopping doesn't always lead to buying. The point is to find great deals and get out of the office for the only hour of the day I get to spend by myself. Plus I will post my finds for all of you who can take advance of the same great sales!

So, to start off my adventures I walked up to the Children's Place (0.6 miles) for their Monster Sale. Huge sale of 40 to 50% off most items. I was lucky enough to find a pair of fleece footed PJ's for the little guy 50% off  an already discounted price only spent $4.49 on them.

On the way back to the office I couldn't help but stop and use a Bath and Body Works Coupon I found in my inbox to get a free travel sized item with any purchase. I took advantage of the Yellow Sale and got a full sized shower gel and accompanying travel sized lotion for a total of $3.19! I may go back tomorrow when I have more time to look through the 75% off bins and use another coupon.

Now its time to get back to work...

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