Friday, January 7, 2011

Disipline is for more than just little boys

Having a toddler in the house the word NO is a growing part of my vocabulary. No don't hit the glass with your toys, No don't spray your bottle all over the floor, No don't hit the cat with your plastic baseball bat etc.

Today I really didn't want to leave the office, but I pushed myself out of my office chair and onto the streets. I decided to visit my favorite shop in Boston on Newbury Street, Beadworks. Why on the day I least wanted to walk did I decide to walk the furthest? I wanted to reward myself for being disciplined and to remind myself why I am undergoing this journey. I made the trek (1.2 miles) to Newbury Street and saw that the store I loved was no longer there. To say I was disappointed was an understatement. I wanted to turn around and go back without stopping anywhere else, but instead I ventured into the store that replaced my old favorite, Peacock Jewelry. The big 50% off sign on the window is what pushed me into the store and the rest is history. I found the best deals of the week. I bought handmade jewelry that I was originally going to make myself (if I ever found the time ) at great prices.   I ended up with four amazing pieces for only twenty dollars. Next week I will be more disciplined in the amount of money I spend, since my Christmas money has now run out. I went a little over the returned gift amount, but got some really nice things that I love.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

When in Doubt Plan Ahead

This morning I had a little extra time to get to work so I decided to walk from where the bus drops me off to work. ( 1.1 miles) The decision did not come easy as it was 26 degrees out this morning. Let's just say that I was very glad to see the blue banner with my company's name on it, as I could no longer feel my legs. Buying gloves yesterday was a great decision as my hands were nice and toasty. The walk totaled 17 minutes, which proves that I can make my bus in the evening if I walk. This will give me a second option of getting a walk in for the day.

Planning ahead not only relieves the stress of running around at the last minute, but also gives one peace of mind. On my shopping adventure for the day I went to the downtown Marshalls, where I decided to get one thing for myself and one thing to give for an upcoming birthday party the little guy is invited to. I found cool gifts for the birthday boys (twins) as well as a new hat for myself. It is not always easy shopping with a toddler, so to have the gifts bought already is definitely a relief. I am also glad to be totally prepared for winter. I can now wear my new CK beanie hat while I walk, therefore no more ear aches after being out in the cold.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Practicing Self Control

Motivation is only one step in reaching my goal another hurdle is having self control. No one is perfect but practicing self control will definitely make you better at it. My first test was last night when my husband so conveniently made a delicious raspberry sauce for his ice cream. I was very tempted as the aroma of the raspberries was overwhelming, but I made the right decision and decided to jump on the Wii for 30 minutes of play time on the balance board instead.

Self Control also comes into play while shopping.  Do I really need this or just want it? I'm not saying that its not important to spoil yourself once in a while, but my goal as a bargain hunter is to get things on sale that I would NORMALLY get at full price. For example having a growing little boy its always a good thing to buy clothes on clearance at the end of the season in the next years size, or stockpiling items that you will definitely use when they go on sale, or getting things that you can give as gifts so that you are not running around at the last minute trying to buy anything in sight.

For my hour of sanity today I think I'll walk over to the Marshalls near Copley Square, because its further away than the one Downtown. I need to return a Christmas gift that I received and the 1.5 mile walk round trip is better than driving to the one in the town where I live.  The best part is that it's a Christmas gift so I can get something I want and there is NO self control needed!

I ended up with limited time again, but I did find a pair of leather gloves for $12. The best part is that I have plenty of money on my merchandise credit gift card for another trip.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Everything Starts with a little Motivation

So it's a New Year and of course we all have our resolutions we try hard to keep, but for some reason many of us fail. My resolution as with most peoples is to lose a few pounds. After having a baby 15 months ago there are no more excuses I just plain need to do it. So what a concept to get motivated ... walk everyday (that I can) up town on my lunch break and do a little shopping. Plus if I have to blog about it than I must do it. I'm lucky (or sometimes it feels unlucky) to work in Boston and the downtown shops are about a half a mile away from where I work. Obviously I will have to do a little more exercising than this, but that is what I bought the Wii for and I can always go a little further than downtown. When you work full time and have a baby who has time to go to the gym. (OK, if you do then that's great, but I don't!) I'm a bargain hunter so shopping doesn't always lead to buying. The point is to find great deals and get out of the office for the only hour of the day I get to spend by myself. Plus I will post my finds for all of you who can take advance of the same great sales!

So, to start off my adventures I walked up to the Children's Place (0.6 miles) for their Monster Sale. Huge sale of 40 to 50% off most items. I was lucky enough to find a pair of fleece footed PJ's for the little guy 50% off  an already discounted price only spent $4.49 on them.

On the way back to the office I couldn't help but stop and use a Bath and Body Works Coupon I found in my inbox to get a free travel sized item with any purchase. I took advantage of the Yellow Sale and got a full sized shower gel and accompanying travel sized lotion for a total of $3.19! I may go back tomorrow when I have more time to look through the 75% off bins and use another coupon.

Now its time to get back to work...