Friday, January 7, 2011

Disipline is for more than just little boys

Having a toddler in the house the word NO is a growing part of my vocabulary. No don't hit the glass with your toys, No don't spray your bottle all over the floor, No don't hit the cat with your plastic baseball bat etc.

Today I really didn't want to leave the office, but I pushed myself out of my office chair and onto the streets. I decided to visit my favorite shop in Boston on Newbury Street, Beadworks. Why on the day I least wanted to walk did I decide to walk the furthest? I wanted to reward myself for being disciplined and to remind myself why I am undergoing this journey. I made the trek (1.2 miles) to Newbury Street and saw that the store I loved was no longer there. To say I was disappointed was an understatement. I wanted to turn around and go back without stopping anywhere else, but instead I ventured into the store that replaced my old favorite, Peacock Jewelry. The big 50% off sign on the window is what pushed me into the store and the rest is history. I found the best deals of the week. I bought handmade jewelry that I was originally going to make myself (if I ever found the time ) at great prices.   I ended up with four amazing pieces for only twenty dollars. Next week I will be more disciplined in the amount of money I spend, since my Christmas money has now run out. I went a little over the returned gift amount, but got some really nice things that I love.

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