Thursday, January 6, 2011

When in Doubt Plan Ahead

This morning I had a little extra time to get to work so I decided to walk from where the bus drops me off to work. ( 1.1 miles) The decision did not come easy as it was 26 degrees out this morning. Let's just say that I was very glad to see the blue banner with my company's name on it, as I could no longer feel my legs. Buying gloves yesterday was a great decision as my hands were nice and toasty. The walk totaled 17 minutes, which proves that I can make my bus in the evening if I walk. This will give me a second option of getting a walk in for the day.

Planning ahead not only relieves the stress of running around at the last minute, but also gives one peace of mind. On my shopping adventure for the day I went to the downtown Marshalls, where I decided to get one thing for myself and one thing to give for an upcoming birthday party the little guy is invited to. I found cool gifts for the birthday boys (twins) as well as a new hat for myself. It is not always easy shopping with a toddler, so to have the gifts bought already is definitely a relief. I am also glad to be totally prepared for winter. I can now wear my new CK beanie hat while I walk, therefore no more ear aches after being out in the cold.

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